Our Story.

Pratibimb-The Reflection of Art, is the official Fine Arts and Photography Club of SGSITS, Indore. The club was formed on the 19th of August 2011, i.e on the occasion of World Photography Day.
The word 'pratibimb' means reflection. With these historic badges that SGSITS has in the technology arena, we embarked on a journey to promote Fine Arts and Photography.
The club is working under the guidance of Prof. D.S. Ajnar and Mr. Alex Kutty.

A group of enthusiasts, under the guidance of Director Dr. Sudhir D. Bhadauria, were behind this mesmerizing idea.
The main motto of the club is to promote art amongst the students of the college by organizing world-class events and workshops by the oracles in the field.

Supporting Pillars.